Rizal Mountain Run 2018

Rizal Mountain Run is excited to establish and maintain relationships with companies involved in mountain culture and those who celebrate the sport of mountain running. Rizal Mountain Run would not be in existence without the support of our sponsors. In return, we ask that you support these brands and organizations who have invested in you and the sport you love.




salomonSalomon · Website

Born in the French Alps in 1947, Salomon continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of trail running by developing cutting edge products and supporting the sport on an international level. With a passion for mountain sports progression, product development, quality and craftsmanship, Salomon gear enables freedom and helps you challenge yourself in the mountains. Few brands are as invested in the trail running community as Salomon.

BaseKamp · Website

Tramper Retailers, Inc. (TRI) formerly Sandugo Outdoor Shop (SOS) is a retailer of quality camping and hiking products not only confined with sandals and bags. It is the sister company of Sandugo Adventure, famous for its bags and sandals. Sandugo, founded in 1994, is one of the leading outdoor brands in the Philippines.

ahonAhon · Website

Ahon is a proud Pinoy company. They take pride in hands-on product development and testing. Their products are well adapted for the Philippine trails, which are tough, wild, raw. All their products are at par, if not better than the world standards. Their testers are well respected in the trail community. They produce their products locally, sharing their blessings to fellow Filipinos.




Heroes Hotel · Website

Opened in August 2017, Heroes Hotel offers a unique and rewarding experience for every guest—whether you’re a backpacker visiting the city for a few days, a family on vacation, or seasoned travelers on a business trip.
Conveniently situated at the border of Manila and Makati, Heroes Hotel puts you right in the middle of the urban action. If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, don’t worry: Heroes Hotel can arrange out-of-town adventure trips for you.

Heroes Hotel is also home to the Honesty Café, an honor-system café and the only one of its kind in Metro Manila. We also have a great steakhouse and restaurant, an awesome rooftop bar, and a lovely mini-spa that offers authentic Filipino massage.

We are committed to the values that make every person an everyday hero: service, industriousness, compassion, and integrity. These are the values that guide the excellent staff, who will make sure that your stay is as clean, secure and comfortable as possible. With Heroes Hotel, there’s always a hero’s welcome for you.

Inengs Special BBQ · Facebook

The Best Tasting BBQ in Town!!!


Lagalag is a Filipino outdoor company manufacturing products for outdoor-adventure and travel since 1998.


Mapawa Nature Park · Website

The 2,400 hectare property 350 meters above sea level was acquired by former Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez and wife Edith in the 1960s under a Lease Pasture Agreement. In the 1990s, the Pelaez’s son Ernie spearheaded a move away from ranching to industrial forest management. The family committed to planting a total of 1,900 hectares of indigenous trees over a number of years. On the strength of that strategy, government renewed the Pelaez’s lease as a means to sustainability manage the area while providing for the timber requirements of the community.



Nalgene makes a wide range of BPA free reusable water bottles and containers to suit your personal preferences, needs and lifestyle. So whether you’re looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for a backcountry adventure, or you want a clean, green way of storing your dry pasta, you’ll find a Nalgene product that gets the job done.

Tailwind Nutrition

Tailwind’s creator made it for the purpose of racing the Leadville 100. It’s designed to overcome the nutrition problems faced by endurance athletes in events like 50’s, 100’s, 24-hour, and multi-day epics. Tailwind combines complete fuel, hydration, and electrolytes in a tasty drink that won’t turn your stomach into a brick.

Team Rescue 8

One of the most competent rescue organizations in the Philippines. A group of mountaineering friends with a great love for the outdoors and are passionate in helping people. Been in operation since 2009 under the name of SMOC-LASSAR but by December 2012 and officially registered the group under the name Team Rescue 8 (TR8) Inc.

Municipality of San Mateo, Rizal · Website

San Mateo is a first class municipality in Rizal, Philippines. It is bordered by Quezon City to the west, the cities of Marikina and Antipolo to the south, and to the north by the municipality of Rodriguez. San Mateo is approximately 24 kilometres (15 mi) east of Manila and 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) north of Pasig, the former provincial capital of Rizal. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 252,527 people. Conurbated to the urban agglomeration of the Greater Manila Area, San Mateo is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Rizal Province, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the Provincial Government of Rizal.


Sponsorship Opportunities

We are excited to create lasting relationships with organizations. Want to learn more about what sponsorship opportunities exist? Contact Atty. Aldean Philip Lim at contact@rizalmountainrun.com