50K Details

50K Details

Rizal Mountain Run 2017

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A. Schedule of Activities

29 January 2017 (Sunday)

  1. Assembly Time: 1:00AM
  2. Pre-race Briefing: 2:00AM
  3. Start Time: 3:00AM
  4. Intermediate Cut-off Time: AS4 – Sitio Wawa (KM 35) – 12:00PM local time (9 hours)
  5. Cut-off Time: 5:00PM
  6. Time Barrier: 14 hours

Important Note: Failure to meet the above time barrier will result to DNF status (Did Not Finish). Runners will be prevented from proceeding for security or safety reason.

B. Pre-Qualifications

50k (At least 21k Trail Run)—All qualifying races must be verifiable on or via web source and had been done within the 2016 Season (1 January 2015 to 28 January 2017) or prior to the closing date of the registration.

Qualifying races (1 of these races and minimum distances) – list not exclusive:

  • MGM Production Races
  • Conquer Trail Series
  • TNF Races
  • Salomon Xtrail Races
  • KOTM Race Series
  • CM50 Race Series
  • Philippine Mountain Running Series
  • Cordillera Mountain Ultra
  • Mapawa Trail Run
  • Tawid Mountain Marathon

C. Medical Attestation

By joining this race, it is understood that runners are medically fit to participate, fully aware of the risks involved and thus, signify/vouch that they are medically insured or has the means to cover expenses on their own in case of unforeseen eventuality. All registered runners are required to submit a WAIVER WITH MEDICAL CERTIFICATE must be signed by a licensed physician attesting to their fitness and health to join Rizal Mountain Run on or before 28 January 2017. Failure to do so will result in the dis-allowance of the runners to participate on the race.

D. Registration Rules

  • Registration via RACEYAYA.COM only.
  • Payment and submission of Medical Certificate must be made to complete registration.
  • Deadline for registration and payment: 15 January 2017
  • The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in case of race cancellation or postponement due to FORCE MAJEURE (meaning unforeseeable circumstances) or factors beyond the control of the race organizers.
  • Registration fee is not convertible to any distances.
  • The registration fee does not cover transportation costs in case the runner DNFed, discontinues or stops for whatever reason during the race in any part of the course or anywhere near it. Transport will cost a minimum of P500 which shall be charged to the account of the runner.

E. Loot and Rewards

  1. All Runners will bring home
    • Official event shirt
    • One (1) raffle ticket
    • Other items from participating sponsors
  2. All Finishers will receive medals
  3. All Winners will receive trophies/medals and gift items from our sponsors

F. 50K Course Details


Course Details and GPX Download click here

Elevation Profile

  1. Elevation gain: 3,140 meters or 10,302 feet
  2. Elevation loss: 3,140 meters or 10,302 feet

Course Description

This is the full loop from Basekamp in Pintong Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal. Do not underestimate this route: gravel or dirt roads, fire trails, river crossings and single tracks. You’ll be going over Mt. Purro peak to reach Sitio Calawis and Sitio Apia, Antipolo, Rizal. Runners then have to cross two rivers to reach the remote village of Sitio Malasya and go up Mt. Malemod and pass thru Mt. Caypipili, an aid station will be in Barangay Puray before you go up Mt. Ayaas peak. Runners will then run downhill to Sitio Wawa. Runners will then go up to Mt. Parawagan peak, then run downhill to Acacia aidstation and on trails following the contours of the Marikina River to reach Sitio Casile, finally going back up to Basekamp in Pintong Bukawe. These are trails used primarily by locals to travel from one barangay to their farmlands and neighboring areas.

Course Conditions

There will be gravel or dirt roads, fire trails, river crossings and single tracks. However, the course may be affected by weather conditions before or during the race.

Aid Stations

  1. At the Start/Finish Line.
  2. Aid Station 1 (AS1) – KM10 located at Brgy. Calawis
  3. Aid Station 2 (AS2) – KM17 Sitio Malasya (after river crossing).
  4. Aid Station 3 (AS3) – KM28 Puray junction going to Sitio Wawa (Ate Elvies House)
  5. Aid Station 4 (AS4) – KM35 Norma’s Eatery at Sitio Wawa in front of the Barangay Hall
  6. Aid Station 5 (AS5) – KM41 Acacia tree (the junction after going down from Parawagan peak and going to the trails to Casile)
  7. Aid Station 6 (AS6) – KM48 Sitio Casile junction

Note: Distances are approximate

Critical Junctions

  • Pintong Bukawe junction
  • River crossing at Bajo River
  • Falls
  • Overflow
  • Turn right going down to Sitio Calawis
  • Junction before river in Sitio Apia
  • 2 Junctions after river in Sitio Apia
  • Junction after highest point in malasya (left to ate Elvie’s house)
  • Junction in Wawa
  • Acacia Tree Junction in Parawagan
  • Junction in Casile

Course Markings

SUBJECT TO ADDITIONAL MARKINGS SPECIFIC FOR NIGHT and DAY RUNNING, course is primarily marked reflective markers, arrow blazes and light blinkers as additional marking. At every junction or intersection there will be properly placed markers to indicate the path to be taken. On a straight path…there will be no markings for several meters which is indicates the heading being followed is correct. Absence of blazes or markings for several minutes or even an hour or so is clearly a sign that the heading being followed is incorrect.

Markers will be placed on top of wooden poles or even attached to tree trunks, electric posts, on the ground, road, walls, plants, stones, rocks, etc. wherever they be seen. Runners should pay close attention both to the topography and the markings. If you think you may be lost, DO NOT call the RD to ask for one’s current location. Backtrack and look for the last marking to find out where the correct heading should be. This instruction and more will be emphasized and repeated at the pre-race and race briefings.


January in the Philippines is the coldest (20-25 degrees Celsius) time of the year. But gets really hot (30-35 degrees Celsius) and humid weather around noontime.

NOTE: This will be a physically demanding race. Runners are strongly advised to train properly for it.

G. Mandatory Gear

  1. Fully-charged and operational mobile phone
  2. Headlamp or flashlights (torches) with at least 8 hours charge
  3. Water carrier (bladder, hand-held bottles, etc.) with volume of at least 1,000mL
  4. Reusable water cups
  5. Whistle
  6. Poncho or Rain Jacket

Note: No Dropbags

Important: Race Hotline Smart +639195115574 and Globe +639271685937

Failure to comply with the mandatory requirements will result to disqualification and removal from the race. Random checks will be done throughout the Race route. Race hotline number(s) must be saved on the runner’s mobile phone. It is required that the mobile phone is on and operational at all times during the duration of the race. Please be reminded that the aid stations will not provide disposable water cups to protect the trail and you should not drink directly from the water jugs! Crew will be advised not to serve any drinks unless water cups are presented by runners.

H. Food and Fluids

All stations will have water, banana, and other assorted food.

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